Privacy Policy

The information provided by our subscribers will be held with utmost confidentiality, Integrity and with easy accessibility. Gathering subscribers’ personal data (such as name, personal health information, address, phone numbers or email address), when prompted, is on voluntary basis and whenever there is an initiation from them. The data will not be shared with third parties without prior notice/a written permission from our subscribers. Personal data will not be collected on our websites without the permission of our subscribers. The personal data collected will be used exclusively to reply to a request , to process order or to grant access to specific information and other services as defined in our company’s scope of work, with specific consent/formal request (such as email) from the subscriber. Personal data of our subscribers will not be sold to third parties, nor marketed in other ways.

Subscribers have a right to information free of charge with respect to their personal data stored with us and, where applicable, a right to have such data corrected, blocked or deleted. In the case of any questions regarding collection, processing or use of personal data, where a subscriber requires information, correction, blocking or deletion of data and where a subscriber wish to revoke any consents that they may have previously given or object to a particular use of their data, they may please contact us at